R. E. Todaro

I tried real hard

Just to be your friend

And I played the right cards

But the rules won't bend

This one night stand

Spanning a half years time

Has left me the victim

Of a victimless crime

You can look back at me

As someone who cares

Or continue this game

In a state unaware

Your indecision has left me in pain

And your ignorance is to blame

I'll find someone

Better than you

Until then you're the best I can do

You can use this as an ego boost

'Cause I can't change

Anything you choose

So still I don't know

If you're being sincere

And why you feel the need

To keep me near

For quite some time

It managed to work

Forgetting the past

And masking the hurt

Imagined a world

That just wasn't there

Shrouding the guilt

In this nightmare

Your immaturity has

Fooled me again

Your insecurity

Forgotten again